Egg Share (add on to Winter Share)

Store Eggs Egg Share (add on to Winter Share)

Pick up one dozen of our pasture-raised eggs each time you pick up your Winter Share vegetables. Please choose the number of dozen you would like to get on each pick-up day, and the total will be calculated at check out.

One dozen $5.75  Qty: Price:
Only available for these drops.
Delivery frequency
: With every delivery

Our hens live out on the pasture, where they can peck at the plants and mineral-rich soils in addition to eating the grain we provide. This healthy diet means we have the healthiest eggs, with nutrient-rich orange yolks. These are happy, well-cared-for chickens.

*note that payment for eggs is billed as one lump sum, the software does not allow it to be broken into monthly installments.