Pork Shares

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Buy pasture-raised pork by the quarter or half pig.

 Deposit 1/2 pork share$50.00 Sorry, out of stock.
 Deposit 1/4 pork share$50.00 Sorry, out of stock.

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Details on how we raise our pigs, quantities of meat in a share, packaging, etc. are at http://www.heartyroots.com/pork/

Your deposit of $50 will reserve you a half or quarter share of a pig.

Your final price will be calculated based on the final weight of the pig. The total weight in a share may vary by up to about 20%, but we expect that a half share will include about 78 lb. of cuts and cost about $632; a quarter share will include about 39 lb. of cuts and cost about $330. If that's too much meat for your household, split a share up among friends!

Pork will be processed in October and shares available for pickup in late October or November. You can pick up at the farm or we can arrange to send your pork to your CSA site if you pick up in Kingston or Red Hook Village; if you pick up your share in NYC, contact us about whether we can schedule a time to bring your share to your CSA site.